Does anyone know if DHL deliver on Saturdays??

  1. As i want to know if its worth me waiting in today. I hate the thought of going out and my new bag turning up and i'm not here to meet her. Then again i don't want to waste a day in if she's not coming. OH what to do :shrugs:
  2. I don't think so, no. :nogood:
  3. Bugger. Just as well discovered am out today. off to the London Boat Show. Hubbies obsession.
  4. ^ Oh, did you want an excuse not to go? :lol:
  5. ^ thats funny!!!
    Some offices do work on Saturdays though, you could call them and ask?
  6. Littleblackbag...

    Don't waste your time calling...DHL does not make Saturday deliveries...unless the sender marked it especially for a Saturday delivery at an extra charge. Enjoy your boat show!!!