does anyone know if chanel makes hair barrettes

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  1. I saw a girl with a chanel barrette in her hair but I haven't seen any in stores. I don't know if it was vintage or maybe if it was a brooch converted to a barrette. Love to know where I can find one if they exist :smile:
  2. Yes. I use to have one from the baby animals ligne.
  3. yes they do. I have seen a couple before.
  4. :yes: They have some real pretty ones! Try calling the outlet's (Woodbury) they had a bunch the last time I was there. And they were very "INexpensive" some were under a hundred bucks!
  5. Yep, I have 3. here's a pic of two of them (on the bottom - I circled them). They are both a few years old, but try Ebay. I just purchased one this year too (no pic). I think it was from that collection with the peace signs and stars. Celestial something, maybe?

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  6. thanks for the help ladies! those are very cute aprilvalentine! I'll see what I can find. If you run across anymore for sale I'd love it if you posted them!
    thanks all :smile:
  7. ooh cute! I wish it had a little less sparkle though. i called my local chanel and they have a ton in stock, I'm going to go check them out today...I need to make sure not to look to hard or I might walk out with a bag too..
  8. Yes, they do!! :nuts: I have the one gotbighair posted (the price there is very high though) and it's really pretty! :love: My SA is sending me pics of the tons they have in stock right now... I'm excited. :smile: I hope you find what you are looking for! :flowers:
  9. Yep, I've seen many styles of Chanel barrettes. I had a Chanel bobby pin too, but I lost it. :sad:
  10. Bluefly has 2 hair clips right now check it out. They also have a headband.