Does anyone know if Barneys will get the Step?

  1. I'd love to see the Step in person. I can ask SAs at the local Barneys but they never seem to know what they will be getting.
  2. or let alone heard of it......thats been my experience so far.....

    I love the style/shape of the Step
  3. Nordstrom is getting it. They have a great return policy in case you don't like it.
  4. I know you want to see the Step IRL but Aloha Rag has them in now in Violet:yes: and they will e-mail you a picture...I just ordered one Saturday and I think they had some left...
  5. menopausal - I agree it's unlikely most Barneys SA have heard of the step.

    lizlikeshugs - Thanks for the tip about Nordstroms. This may be the way to go if I decide I want to try the Step and have an easy return option. There's a new Nordstroms opening in MA next week but I don't know if they'll be carrying Bbags.

    girlfriend - I'm on the notification list at Aloha Rag for black and plomb. Let us know how you like your violet Step.
  6. but wait. I've seen the step @ Barneys NY in the past month; it was up on display. is that your city citychris? i even thought it was in that new violet color. talk to Leo @ Barneys NY he is all-knowing SA there. :yes:
    even if you go to the balenciaga counter, you need to talk to Leo, he is the bbag man.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm in the Boston area. Which Barney is Leo at?
  8. anyone find it yet???
  9. oops, sorry, Leo is at Barneys NY. maybe he has Boston connections? or roadtrip?
  10. Barneys did not receive the step unfortunately, there was one in marine with nickel giant hardware, but it has been sold.
    Associates will be happy to do a search for you.
  11. ^ you are resurrecting really old threads !