Does anyone know if Balenciaga will discontinue First or Twiggy?

  1. I talked to one SA at Saks and she was saying that they weren't going to be making the first anymore and that they only had one twiggy because they weren't making anymore of those....Is that possible?:confused1:
  2. I doubt it, both styles are very popular.
  3. I hope not! :wtf:
  4. I hope not too... those are my two favourite styles! I think if any styles are headed the way of the Purse it will not be either of those. SAs at Saks and Barneys are notoriously misinformed.
  5. ^^ I agree and I think that one call to Balenciaga NY would confirm this either way...
  6. Both styles are being made for the S/S 08 line so there are no plans to discontinue either.
  7. Maybe she just meant they wont be stocking them any longer? Definitely sounds like she was misinformed.
  8. Saks may just not be carrying them.
  9. Interesting. i find that most SA are not informed on the colors or the styles. i end up giving them the price to get them to tell me the bag and then they measure it. Thank goodness the guy at Nordstrom was amazing and knew the styles and the actual colors. He also sent me photos.
  10. To avoid making this sound like a sweeping generalization (because I know there are some knowledgeable SA's out there) I'll say that find MOST - not all - large department store SAs to be highly misinformed and unknowledgable about anything Balenciaga. You have to remember that normally bbags share the floor with several other designers.

    Having said that, I highly doubt they would discontinue the first. Most buyer's first intro to bbags is either the first or the city. I don't think they would cut down their sales by eliminating one of the "gateway" models.
  11. well said lordguinny! I doubt they will discontinue those styles... especially the First.

  12. ........WHEW! Thanks, I was freaking. :sweatdrop:
  13. yes, so was i...I guess why I ordered her last Twiggy in gray. I fell for that one!LOL!:shrugs:
  14. both styles are soooooooo popular I doubt they'll ever discontinue it! they'll lose ALOT of sales for sure if they do!
  15. They better not!