Does Anyone know if Amsterdam H is open Saturday all day?

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  1. Hi Girls, here's where the internationality of the PF should come in handy: I just found out I have to be in Amsterdam for a meeting on Saturday... I'd luuuuuv to get a chance to take a peek at the boutique there.. but my meeting 'll run all AM.. does anyone know if the boutique there is open on Saturday afternoons? :confused1: ( or is it like Madrid and Barcelona which always are closed on Sat PMs?)

    I promise to file a complete report of what's lurking there.. :P

  2. Definately OPEN in the afternoon until 5:00p:m!:yahoo:Eat lunch across the street and drool looking at Hermes window, the food there is DELICIOUS! ....I saw a Black croc, diamond HW birkin there this summer!:nuts:
    hermes birkin 021.jpg hermes birkin 002.jpg
  3. Those Kelly Clutches in the window are just taunting me.:sweatdrop:
  4. Hi Star, and SerenityS, thanks for answering!:yahoo: That's SO nice! And you're right..:yes: they are open til 5:30 today I called.. I'm just hoping this meeting is still on.. because I love clutches!! And would love to go to Amst. :P If not it'll be for another time... And you're right!, that Brasserie accross the street is YUMMMY! :P Do you both live in Amsterdam? What a beautiful city!:heart: Lucy.
  5. PS, Star, are those pictures of the current Amst window? Great pics! BTW!:yahoo:
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