Does anyone know if a Cruise navy caviar medium flap exists? :)

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  1. Hi ladies!! :smile: I was wondering... does anyone know if NM/BG ordered the navy caviar flap from cruise in a medium size? :heart: I know NM has the Jumbo (haven't contacted an SA regarding the medium), and BG has the Jumbo too (waiting on a response from a BG SA about it, but nothing yet). I would love to potentially use a GC towards it. :heart: Thank you! :flowers:

    :heart: Minal
  2. I don't have a photographic memory, but I recall looking through that page of the BG lookbook recently and seeing the blue listed as coming only in jumbo caviar. Next to that column was a lambskin flap offering, don't remember if it was maxi or another size.
  3. ^Hi! :smile: Hmm, I'm sure you are right! :sad: My BG SA said they don't do as well with colored medium flaps, and generally buy just the Jumbo flaps. :hrmm: I'll have to find out if NM followed suit (I hope not), but it's likely they did. :sad:
  4. Hi Minal, oooouuuuu.... you can't resist the navy beauty either, ahahhaha. The blue is much lighter than I thought from reading some of the sightings. It's a true navy if not dark marine blue. From what I know NM did not order the med/lrg, but dif stores could have diff buys... oy so confusing. Good luck!
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    ^Hey!! :smile: Haha, I know!! :-p Aww, thanks! :heart: Ever since I bought and returned the "navy which was really black" (haha :P) medium caviar flap a few years back, I wondered when Chanel would release a true navy caviar flap! :nuts: I was at NM yesterday and saw it :love:... I sooo wish Chanel released that color back when I paid just $1595!! :sad:

    I really want to use my GC, ahh, but I don't think I should get the navy caviar Jumbo, since I already have the '07 navy crackled patent Jumbo... and the one blue flap size I am looking for is a medium!! :nuts:
  6. ^^^ Minal, don't tempt me with your descriptions of the navy caviar! :nuts: LOL! I was secretly hoping that this color would look ugly, that it would be an almost black blue. I haven't seen the medium navy flap either. The medium size is becoming very hard to find. I guess everyone has been buying the jumbo size, so the boutiques aren't ordering the smaller sizes. I only get jumbos, but that's because of all of the junk that I carry around every day and because I am tall-ish (is that a word? hee hee!), especially with heels. I hope you find this bag sweetie! :smile:
  7. ^Hi Steph!! Ahhh, I didn't want to like it, but I sorta fell in love!! :rolleyes: :love: I was hoping it would be like the "navy" I bought and returned a few years back... practically black... but then the bag had to go and be all unmistakably blue and pretty haha! :sweatdrop: :P I had and sold the metallic navy 226 reissue, because I felt like I had too many metallic reissues, and I've been wanting a blue bag in the medium size to fill that void for some time!

    It looks like everyone bought the Jumbo though (and for my HG bright blue flap - the one I know you want too!)... I love Jumbo flaps, but I really want the medium, ahh (plus I have the bleu fonce and navy patent Jumbo flaps). I hope colored medium flaps don't become a thing of the past! :sad:

    Aww, thank you!! :flowers: It doesn't look too good though, ahh! :sad: I read you're getting the grey camera bag... it's so gorgeous (and that leather *swoon*)!! :love:
  8. Minal, you are soooo lucky to have collected all those gorgeous colors before the classics nearly doubled in price :Push:. Can you believe I was never really into the flaps until recently and passed up on all the beautiful colors over the past few years:crybaby:. Now not only are the colors not being released, but the price is :faint: and the shape is :shrugs:. Can you believe I passed on the blue fonce, violet caviar/lamb, blush patent, navy patent, hot pink ... the list is painfully long. :sad:

    Maybe wait for the Blue-blue to come out then decide if you can justify the navy.
  9. Yeah, I caved and bought the large camera bag Minal! The reissue leather has put a spell over me, and I can't fight it! :nuts: Plus, I wanted one zip top bag for carefree days when I want to carry a lot of stuff and when I don't want to worry about the contents' spilling out. Yup, I do worry about things like that. Hee hee! :rolleyes:

    I really also want the matte black reissue with silver HW that you bought, but I can't justify getting that when I already have the one with gold HW. So the bright blue caviar jumbo (if it is a true electric or bright blue, and not a flat blue or a blue with green undertones) and the grey camera bag will be my Spring bags. And, then I will hopefully go on a hiatus! LOL! :sweatdrop:
  10. Hey girl! Aww, thank you... but don't be sad! :flowers: I know you have some gorgeous flaps!!! :love: Omg haha, I know what you mean about the newer (smushier!) shapes coming out, not to mention the heart attack inducing price increases! Aww, well they did do blue fonce again, but no caviar (silly Chanel)! :bagslap: I also think they're moving away from medium flaps, which makes me sad.

    You can always find some beauties on ebay though, so don't give up hope! I know I've seen the crackled navy patent Jumbo there, and I once saw the '05 hot pink medium flap!! I also managed to find my HG violet caivar e/w (love it to pieces but a medium would have been even better) from there! Hmm, good idea, I think that's what I'll do... but I know I'll want the blue-blue for sure if it's bright! I wish it came in the medium, but I'll still get the Jumbo!

  11. Hey Steph! :smile: Haha, well no wonder, because the reissue leather is TDF!! :love: I've seen pics of Lily Allen carrying it with one strap, and it looks really cute that way... definitely the carefree look you want! Haha, I do too (can't have stuff dropping and flying around)! :-p

    I really hope Chanel doesn't drop the ball on the bright blue... as in, it better be bright!! I don't want a baby blue, a powder blue, a navy blue, or a marine blue! I think I will hold off on the navy in any capacity (although the medium looks like it ain't happening), until I know what the blue looks like. :smile: I really think that might be one of my only bags for spring (if not the year)... I'm going to join you on that hiatus haha. :nuts: It's a new year for me with a new bag philosophy (plus I ran out of bag space a long time ago haha)... and if I end up moving, I'll be screwed trying to bring all of my things with me! :faint: