Does anyone know how to:

  1. Transfer music from computer to MP3 player which is a feature my cell phone offers. I have been told so many different things, it seems horribly difficult, do I have to buy software? - Somebody help!!! Thanks!
  2. what kind of computer, what kind of cell phone (is that the mp3 player?). did the cell phone come with a CD? Does your computer have any kind of music program on it?
  3. Surely your phone should have come with the software compatable to that make of phone - there should be a disk in the box. My phone offers this feature and came with the appropriate programme but as I have an ipod I haven't used it myself. With the ipod it comes with the itunes programme which you load to the computer - PC or mac - then you load the songs onto the programme via your computer, using your CD's or a site like itunes or napster. Then you plug your ipod in with the provided USB port connector and it all downloads into you ipod - then you can start to listen!

    Is this any help - I hope so!
  4. The cell phone is a motorola V360, did not come with a cd. the computer is a dell inspiron 700 - It has Dell Jukebox by music match - I have copied my cd's to the program and I am unable to move them to the mp3 player in the phone without further intervention that I don't quite understand.
  5. what kind of files does the mp3 file play? You first need to make sure that the files are in the format of mp3 when you copied them into the Dell Jukebox. Second, your phone either works like a extra disk when you plug it into the computer--then you could just drag and drop the files and save them to the phone. Otherwise, you need software to be able to transfer the files. Also, check online or in your book that came with the phone because it should say something about it in there.
  6. My phone came with a memory card - but you know what? I think I'll just get a damn ipod and stop torturing myself - Thanks!!!!
  7. You can either use a datacable if your phone came with one or you can buy one.. or you can use bluetooth to transfer mp3s?
  8. I'd get the ipod!!!!
    This is sounding too much like WORK!
  9. Waaaaay too much like work! You are so right!
  10. I have a sidekick 3, and it came with a cable for USB. So that's what I do. Just hook it up and move the music into my cell phone (in the new folder that comes up after I plug it in).
  11. the v360 should come with a usb cable.

    plug the mini usb to the phone, and the regular usb to your pc. after you plug it, it would show on your my computer window as an external drive. go to your music folder, copy all those mp3s you want transferred, then go to the drive where it showed you plugged your phone (most of the time i think it's E: drive) then paste it there.