Does anyone know how to track once in US from UK?

  1. I think I read somewhere (hey maybe i am hallucinating!) that when you send from the UK using International Signed for you can then still track somewhere different in the US website.

    Does anyone know what this is? All my package says is delivered to US postal services and I want to track it further.

  2. As far as I know that's it, have you tried the USPS site?
  3. Go to and the "Track & Confirm" area... put in the tracking number you have and see what comes up.

    Good luck!! I think that should work.
  4. ^yup that's it! Depends on the carrier though, whether it was sent with a private shipping company such as UPS, fedslow etc., or USPS/Royal Mail/Swiss Mail/ etc.
  5. SOF - it was sent with Royal Mail International signed for - will it appear or does it have to be by courier?
  6. Royal Mail only work with USPS so you'd have to try it on the USPS website