Does anyone know how to...pic of speedy

  1. Does anyone know how to pull celeb and tPf photos of speedies into one thread? I really would love to look at all of the different speedy style bags in 1 thread. Can anyone help me with this?


  2. You can always open up the visual aids thread & then do a search for "Speedy".
  3. but is there a way to pull them into their own thread for people who want just speedy alone?
  4. Go into Celebrities and their LVs thread and search the word Speedy in that thread.:idea:
  5. [​IMG]
    What size is this one?
  6. ^^^ 30
  7. ^^30
  8. okay so what about this one...? 25?

  9. ^^^ yes, it's a 25.
  10. So maybe I am NEEDING the 25! :yes:
  11. i'd say it's a 36 C :shame:
  12. ^^^^ aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaa
  13. LOL, a very SAGGY 36C :Push: