does anyone know how to get a small waist?

  1. not necessarily a flat stomach, but just a really small waistline - I think an example would be like jade from the newest hills episodes. What excercises do you do? Besides that, does hula hooping seriously yet? Who here actually knows of someone who had results with hula hooping? Thanks!
  2. You know, I have never had a small waist. I am 5'6 or so and even when I weighed 105 my waist was never less than 26 inches. I now weigh about 125 and my waist is about 28 inches. (hey, I am 51) I have also worked out almost my entire adult life and it did not help much in that area.
  3. Genetics. Your shape is your shape!
  4. I have a waist that ( I think) is out of proportion, lol. I'm 5'1, and my waist is 25 inches. Compared to my chest (36") and hips (35") it's not even in the same range. I wish it was less narrow so I'd look sort of straighter.
  5. I'm with Nooch - it's genetics. You can't spot reduce, and that's especially apparent with something that's more about shape than fitness, like your waist. Remember, that stars arepeople who look beautiful for a living are able to do that because they started with a genetic makeup off the bell curve, then added dieting and working out for a living and for many, have had surgical enhancements including drastic measures such as having lower ribs removed to create the look that is celebrated as 'beauty.'

    If anything, hula hooping and other exercises focused on the 'waist' will strengthen, but also build your obliques. This is good, but will not make the area smaller - potentially it will make it marginally bigger, although stronger and better for your back, posture and health.

    Be healthy and fit - beyond that, it is a matter of coming to love your shape, whatever that is.
  6. that sounds painful!
  7. I'm also 25-35, and that's supposed to be an ideal proportion!

    OP, genetics is genetics as others have says. However, I just looked at some pictures of Jayde, and while she has a nice figure I don't see that she has an exceptionally small or well defined waist. If she appeared to on the show, then I would say she was wearing something very flattering and that style might be worth looking at.
  8. Belly dancing! it helps a lot, I promise.
  9. when I was younger, i was able to get a tiny waist - the usual way diet and exercise. However, one thing I did all the time was got in the habit of holding my tummy in. After a while i think it does tighten you tummy somewhat. I did lots of sit ups and had flat hard tummy. I wish I had it now, it's like a soft pillow :sad:
  10. Oblique work, and waist front and side bends can whittle your middle, as well as overall weight loss and tone, but only to a point - your shape is your shape - I agree.
  11. Your shape is your shape... I'm a size 10 on bottom but have always had a very defined waist.

    Have you tried to just accentuate what you have with clothing? Like belts and such?
  12. well, i don't know what "type" of small waist line you want, but you can achieve a small waist line with corset training. none of those frilly ones from victoria's secret but a real corset with boning.
  13. ^^ Aren't these bad for your organs??

    OP, maybe if you work on your booty you can get more definition that way?
  14. if you do it improperly. like if you go straight to a small corset or very tight. you have to do it over slow increments over a period of time.

    like dita von teese.
  15. Thanks for everyone's advice and comments. And don't worry, I'm not hating on myself lol I was just curious. I think I agree too that your shape is your shape and that's why I never really see any "smaller waist" workouts; you only see the flat stomach workouts. I remember that when I was growing up, my weight would fluctuate and even at my tiniest my waistline wouldn't be drastically smaller. I just saw a photoshopped before and after picture too, so maybe I've been caught up in all the after photoshopped pictures thinking they were real. People are GOOD at photoshopping!

    I think sometimes belts make my waist seem bigger? Even though it creates the hourglass figure, it points attention to that area and shows that it's not as tiny can be.

    For the people who do do the corset, does it look weird when you take your clothes off for beach time?

    But won't doing booty excercises make your booty smaller?