Does anyone know how to become a teacher's aide in California?

  1. I didn't know where to ask, so I thought of tPF and the many wonderful ladies here.. My 40something-old mom has finally decided that she wants to be a teacher's aide! She loves kids and really wants to do something now that I'm gone for college. Only question is.. she doesn't know how. Does anyone know how to become a teacher's aide? Are there any educational requirements or whatnot? Will it hurt her that she doesn't have much experience in the educational field? My mom and I are both kinda stumped on the subject. We will probably drop by our local elementary school and ask but I didn't think it would hurt to ask here. TIA! :biggrin::heart:
  2. I don't know about being an aide for sure. Out of college, I was a substitute teacher which lead to a full time teaching position (teachers go on maternity leave or just plain leave). All I needed was to pass the CBEST which I heard is like the equivalent to like a 6th grade (or maybe a LITTLE higher - not much) reading and math level. The test is not hard. My sorority sisters took it hung over and passed, but again they might have changed it since then.

    The good part is if you fail one part, you can make up just that part on a future test date. So for me, I past the CBEST and then I went to apply with the district. You need to go to whichever district you want to teach at, for instance, Riverside Unified School Distric, or whatever. They will do your paperwork, tell you where to get figerprinted and tell you the qualifications.

    It might take a college degree or at least taken a few required Child development classes (maybe again I am not certain, I was a sub).

    Because of the teacher crisis and crunch here in CA, they granted me an EMERGENCY CREDENTIAL which meant I could teach without a credential. If I pursued more of a teaching career, I had to make steps towards getting a credential.

    I know it is not as hard to be an aide, the pay isn't as much either.

    Again, this was for being a substitute/teacher, back then.

    What you have to do first is just call your School District, go down there, check out their listing (they are posted there) and then ask about the qualifications.

    I hope I did some help and not just ramble.

    You can also check with private schools (like Christian or Catholic, or even day cares. The qualifications are less at these places)

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks so much iliabags!! I will definitely call the School District. You gave wonderful advice.. no rambling at all :smile:
  4. Kattiepie, Most jobs in education in CA are now listed on one website.

    Teacher assistant positions can be searched in the "Select Job Types: Other Positions" box.