Does anyone know how this works? (qn on Paris and Venice tax rebate claims)

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  1. In approx. 6 weeks I am heading to Paris and Venice for a 2 week vacation. The problem I have is with claiming back VAT for my purchases (I am assuming unlike Tokyo where you pay pre-tax prices instore long as you show your passport, in Paris I'll have to claim it at the airport before departure).

    This is my itinerary:
    HK -> Paris
    Paris -> Venice
    Venice -> Paris -> HK (Same day with a 1.5 hr layover in CDG)

    1) I'll be doing most of my shopping in Paris and since I will be heading to Venice for 4 days before leaving Europe entirely, can I still do my tax claim in CDG before flying out to Venice?

    2) It is unlikely that the Italian authorities will let me claim tax off my French purchases in Venice when I leave or will they? I mean EU countries have different VAT rates.

    There is no way that I'll have time to claim anything before my CDG->HKG flight (besides tax claim are usually done before once passes through immigration).

    Anyone has any insights?? All help is deeply appreciated.

  2. What I know is that you need to take your receipt to the tax office (sometimes they are located somewhere in the store itself) and you have two options..

    1. They pay you back the tax straight away but take a percentage for commission. Then you must have the form stamped at the airport and sent back to them. If they don't get it within a certain number of weeks, they will debit your credit card (you have to give them your credit card number) for twice what they paid you!

    2. You can take the form with you, fill it out with all your credit card details and have it stamped at the airport and post it back to them. They should credit you back the tax within 4 to 5 weeks.

    I hope this helps :tup:
  3. Hi Jzlyn,

    From my experience, you have to claim it when you leave Europe entirely, which in your case is possibly in Venice cos I'd imagine you won't be going through immigration again? The tax office is usually located where the check in area is, just before going through immigration. And the Italian authorities will let you claim back whatever else you bought in Europe because I think it's a Europe wide scheme. I have previously claimed back tax for purchases made in Paris at the Heathrow airport (different currency too!) so I think it should work the same for you.

    Like swissaus mentioned, you can either get the amount back in cash (at the tax office in the airport!) or back on your credit card. This will be asked by your SA when you make a purchase and they will give you the form to get stamped at the airport. Don't worry about the different VAT rates as this would have been calculated on the form in the store and they will refund you according to the amount that is stated on the form itself.

    Minor point but you have 6 months to get your forms stamped and get it sent to their offices. Also note that the queues for these refunds can be quite massive so leave plenty of time for them!

    Hope this helps and enjoy Paris and Venice!
  4. Thanks oysterboy and swissaus!

    Hmmm... I wonder I could go into the shop pick what I want and get bal to ship it back to HK for me. That way it's like the fax/phone orders I usually do with them except I can to physically choose what I want. And I can bypass the whole sending in forms and waiting for refund process.
  5. My sister did this very recently.. she was over here in Switzerland visiting me.. we went to Milan and she bought a bag there.. got the form stamped at the border coming back into Switzerland (we were on the train) and posted the form in (make sure you make a copy for yourself). She was refunded 4 weeks after.
  6. Agreed with Oysterboy, if you visit multiple european countries you can claim all your VAT refund on your last stop/country only.
  7. My sister's last stop was Switzerland before she flew back to Australia but she had her form stamped at the Italian border coming back into Switzerland. She still got her refund! So it must work either way!
  8. ^ really? Thats great then.
    I was told about claim your VAT refund at last stop before you leave Europe by someone at VAT refund office at London airport.

    Btw, I know some stores (high-end brands like Hermes and La Perla in Frankfurt, Germany) offer immediate tax refund if you can show your foreign passport/return ticket, etc. The VAT form they provide have higher percentage (16% VAT instead of 12%) and has different colour. Most tourists don't know they can claim VAT refund directly through stores right away, you have to ask though because not every store offer this and only select stores offer higher VAT refund which I find quite interesting.
  9. Same here..
    I was told the same thing that you can only claim all the tax on your last city in Europe before departure..

    My mom got her tax back on the store in LV Paris HOWEVER Balenciaga stores wont do that (I bought from Milan and Paris stores and was told by two different SAs that I have to get the forms stamped on the last city in Europe and to mail back)..

    I mailed mine back around the end of June and still waiting for the refund till now..

    Hopefully soon!

    HTH and happy shopping! :nuts:
  10. aki, you should call them up or email them. Did you keep a copy of the form? My sis said that there is a website you can go to which tracks where your form is at. She also emailed them. She sent hers in at the end of June and she got her refund about two weeks ago
  11. ^ Thanks for all your help ladies!
  12. Thanks swissaus!
    I have been saying that to myself, I should ring them but it is a bit tricky on my side because of the time difference..

    We are 8 hours ahead of Europe so to ring in Europe office hours it will be odd hours here in Sydney..
    Hence I am waiting here patiently :P
  13. I will check this out later perhaps :biggrin:
    will give it until the end of this month and if the refund still does not hit my CC then I will put effort in contacting them..

    Thanks swissaus!

    *sorry to hijack your thread Jzlyn* :shame:
  14. Yup! you should check it out. globalrefund dot com.

    It's pretty easy to track it there, and when you can't track it anymore, you can personally email them to check the status of your rebate:smile:
  15. Thanks Candicetan!
    Makes it so much easier for me :nuts: