Does anyone know how the Bay bag's leather compares.........

  1. to the Paddington's '05 leather? I have '05 Paddington and I'm thinking about getting the Bay. But I want to make sure the leather is similar. I like how smooth and slouchy the '05 leather was. TIA
  2. I have seen the Bay IRL and the leather is nothing like the Paddy leather. It is very different - the Bay leather is smooth to the touch, a bit shiny and has a distressed look to it. It is most like Balenciaga bag leather I would say :yes:
  3. I completely agree with this statement. When I got my bay, this was my first impression. soft with a bit of a shine and a bit distressed.
  4. Is the leather thicker than the 07 Bbags?
  5. I don't have an 07 bbag so i can't say but it is a tad thicker than the 06 bbags leather IMHO. Has that soft, almost spongy quality - smooshiness - though, because of the stouter lining, the bag isn't as marvelously smooshy as a bbag.
  6. the leather is soft and thin as bbags, a little bit distressed but not as slouchy as the paddies..
  7. sounds like I need to take a trip down to neiman's this weekend and check them out in person. hopefully they'll have some in stock. :smile:
  8. Yes very like a Balenciaga - really nice leather though
  9. I just found this photo from net-a-porter. It's a good shot of the leather quality......Gorgeous!

  10. Delicious bag. I want one too!!