Does anyone know how much online fashion boutique models make?

  1. I'm in the process of hiring a model for my store but have no idea how much to pay her. I decided to hire directly instead of going through an agency as I figured it'll help cut down on cost. I have a lovely girl with a nice portfolio who's very interested.

    Any ideas anyone???:confused1:

    Think someone like this-
  2. It honestly depends on the kind of shoot you're going to be having, how experienced the model is, how long she's going to be working, etc. Some models make $20 an hour, some make $50, and some get paid on a daily basis. You're ultimately going to have to negotiate with her - perhaps if she has references you can call them and see what her rate was? This is probably unlikely, so your best bet is to just talk to her, ask her what she expects to make, etc. You could also try calling an agency to get an estimate based on the kind of work you want her to do. Good luck!
  3. I have dabbled a little in modeling as a freelance model and depending on experience, the usual charge is $50 an hour. HTH!
  4. Thanks Ladies!