does anyone know how much is the satin cabas..

  1. :confused1: and why is it that it doesnt seem as popular??
  2. I cannot remember exactly...but the large vinyl was 995 and the satin was couple hundred dollars more around 1300 (+,- 100, maybe)...

    I think it's not as popular because satin doesn't hold shape as well as the vinyl or the leather...... Also it's hard to maintain, too....

    But I really liked the purple one.....I personally don't like any fabric bags, but the color was killer!!!
  3. Is the large sized, satin one still available anywhere or is this sold out as well? Has it also been discontinued or is there a waiting list? Thanks!
  4. It shouldn't be as popular as the vinyl.. so there is still a slight chance of you finding one.
  5. Thanks Tuleh. Has anyone seen this bag at any stores while shopping? TIA!