Does anyone know how Mike and Chris leather hoodies run?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a Mike and Chris leather Dylan hoodie in cognac. I don't know what size to get. I'm a 36 B chest and I take a medium in juicy hoodies. Large if I don't want it tight. Can anyone help me out? What do you think I would take?
  2. I am not sure if the leathers run the same as their regular hoodies, but I take a Medium in Juicy (34C) and I have the Lucas hoodie in Medium also- fits perfectly!
  3. thanks
  4. I had the dylan(same one J simpson in cognac) It was slightly big on me, I am a petite in everthing and I had to order a small from because at the time that was the only size that they had in that jacket, I always felt it was just too big , so I purchased another style (mike and Chris) in a petite and It fits pretty good if I wear a sweater underneath. I think a small would fit you, especially if you are a med in Juicy sweatshirts
  5. I wear a medium in everything.. I'm a 36B. I've tried on the Mike & Chris Jesse in a small, medium, and large. The small wouldn't fit over my armpit. The large was way too big and hung off me, and made me look like a marshmellow. The medium fit absolutely perfectly. I own the medium and it was very tight and snug the first few wears, but over time the medium has stretched and has become very roomy.
  6. I'd say Mike & Chris tends to fit TTS, but their styles are meant to be fitted. I'm normally a small to petit in Juicy hoodies, and have Mike & Chris Nathan jacket in a S, and it fits perfect.

    go for a medium, leathers will stretch as its worn, so you probably wouldnt want it loose to begin with.
  7. I have six Mike & Chris leather hoodies. Two run true-to-size, three run small and one runs EXTREMELY small. It's a toss up in my experience.
  8. I think you should get Medium.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread - I am trying to get one of their leather hoodie too and just unsure about their sizing :smile:

    So this will help!
  10. great thread. I want to get the Hue style and was wondering. I'm kinda 'busty' so I was wondering if they would fit? I'm usually a med/large in tops and a 36D. Is that too big for these jackets?
  11. outtacontrol, if the busty jessica simpson can rock so many mike & chris styles, then you definitely can! :smile:

    i've tried on lots of them. generally i think they fit a little small, not much, so if you are between sizes, go with the bigger one. im normally either an x-small or small, so in mike & chris small is perfect for me. if you have a large bust or shoulders, definitely lean towards the larger of the sizes you wear.
  12. Definitely size up if you have a bigger chest. I have a large chest and a small is really, really tight when zipped up.
  13. i say that the Mike & Chris, is pretty TTS. Just keep in mind that it will stretch out a bit.
  14. I've got the Mike & Chris Dylan in cognac. I'm usually a size 0 or XS and i got the Dylan in an XS. It was pretty fitted when i first got it and rather tight around my chest (and i'm only a B cup) and now, after a few wears it fits just perfectly. If you're a medium size for everything else, then i would say get the Dylan in a Medium.

    IN case you're interested, this is how mine fits on me.

  15. oh emcham.. you just made my day!! :yahoo:
    I just scored a m&c HUE leather jacket (the one that lindsey lohan was seen wearing) with the puff sleeves and the sweater material on the cuffs and hem for $250 on *bay, when those babies in the store are $800+ I'll post pics when it gets here :graucho:

    Brasilian_babe - you look hot!!!

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