Does anyone know how long the gold color will be out?

  1. Hi - I have a question. I bought the gold gladiator shoes this past weekend and I'd really like to get either the Carly or the Legacy bag with the gold trim to go with it. I'd like to wait a few weeks because I just spent $500 on Coach shoes and almost another $100 on the Legacy Patent Coin Purse (which is on its way still). But I am afriad it will go out of stock. Does anyone have any idea how long these bags in this color will be out? I am very new to Coach and don't know if this is a regular color or a seasonal thing (and if so what season)?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. Ok, so I went to coach during my lunch break and tried on some bags. I just LOVE the medium sized Carley with the gold trim. I thought I'd prefer the legacy with bronze trim but the Carley felt and looked perfect. So now my problem is - will the medium sized Carley bag in gold last until the PCE? What would happen if I bought it this week, never opened it, and then tried to buy it during the PCE and if I was successful returning the one I bought before the PCE?
  3. I don't know how long they'll last in the Coach stores (my store only has the pouches and a few demis left I think), but if you miss it there, you can probably try Macys, Dillards, or another department store.
  4. Thanks Spoiled. I checked a few other local stores and they were already out of stock. So I might go back to the one I was at today during my lunch tomorrow and get it. It does not seem like it will last until the PCE.

    It seems like many people on this forum love their Carly bag :yes: so I am thinking I will not be sorry. I don't have a bag for the Spring so it will be put to good use.