does anyone know how i can find this?

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  1. hi! i'm trying to find, specifically, a collection of handbags from Fall 04. how would you google that? i tried googling "Marc Jacobs fall 04 handbags" and i either get the clothing collection or some website that's irrelevant ( :yucky:)

    is there a website that shows all the older handbag collections? or does anyone know how to actually google that? cause i don't :P

  2. Short answer...No :P But if you're willing to spend some time sorting through the runway photos on, you might find a few but probably no info on them. I'm sure if you ask in the MJ forum instead people would be able to give you a complete collection eventually, though.
  3. ^blah.....i tried looking thru the collections but couldn't find anything... oh well... thanks faith :P
  4. Maybe this isn't a very smart suggestion as they probably retire past collections, but could you try contacting MJ directly - maybe they could help? :confused1: