Does anyone know how and where KarenKooper gets her bags?

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  1. I am familiar with her as an eBay seller but I recently found out that she has her own website. Where and how does she get all those authentic bags? Does anyone know? :confused1:
  2. I'd like to know too!
  3. i would love to know too...thats alot of bags to have for sale!!!
  4. Hong Kong (j/k)
  5. From the boutiques. I know she has gotten a lot of her hard to aquire items in French store. (Her pics with items are taken in front of the eiffel tower.) Some of her vip items come from shows. Some of her better myspace friends will be able to give you a better answer.
  6. i wonder why she buys so many LE and ther LV's if she is just going to turn around and sell. When I buy my bags, I do so with the intention of keeping for years and years.

  7. Its a business. Plus her VIP status and acess helps get bags for people that couldn't normally get them.
  8. for business :yes:

  9. it is strange.
  10. she is super de super vip top journalist, and she gets invites to fashion shows, and they give her most of her stuff for FREE. and she sells them and makes 100 percent profit.
  11. If I were her and could make money and provide rare authentic bags to eager customers I'd do the exact same thing.
  12. wow she gets them for free?
  13. Same here. She has a great job, I'd love to have a job like that, getting to go to the fashion shows and be able to buy such great pieces.
  14. Many of them, yes.
    For example, she got a Miroir Alma before they were released and that was one of the ones that was "defective." It was from those press pieces that the company learned that they needed to make some changes to the Miroir line, which is why it was so much more limited than originally planned.
  15. She's just a sweetie- her customer service is excellent!
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