does anyone know/have a tweed bag?

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  1. hey girls! does anyone have a tweed bag? i am interested in buying one but i don't know how easy it is to manage/handle? does it get dirty easily? is it hard to clean and maintain? thanks! all advice would be appreciated. :tup:
  2. I have a yellow tweed bag.

    Pretty easy to manage, mine hasn't got any dirt marks as yet. I do look after my bags. I haven't had to clean it.

    The tweed range is quite special, i love it.
  3. I have a sparkly black tweed east-west flap/clutch and I think it's pretty easy to handle. of course the fact that it's black helps a ton becaues you cant really see the snags/dirt marks if there are any
  4. I've used mine on and off for a couple years now.. and I love it. I bought a black one, so you can't tell where the dirt is. It keeps its shape well, but because of everyday use.. the tweed is thinning on the back corners where it rubs against my stomach. Otherwise, I completely love it. I've been eyeballing the same bag in leather.. may need to buy it soon are retire this one. Hope this helps :smile:
  5. Thanks ladies!

    Im thinking of buying a blue one and I'm not sure whether it's easy to manage because I don't like being overly careful with bags. But from the sound of things, it's alright to handle...
    How do you clean tweed?
  6. Also, how much are new tweed bags - like in a medium flap sort of size?
    Thanks :smile:
  7. I would think the first thing would be to Scotchguard a tweed or other fabric bag. Chanel cannot refurbish bags that aren't leather. My husband was on a BMW forum and folks were recommending a product called 303 Aerospace protector. I used it on my rubber classic jumbo and she sparkles again. Along with the protector came a small bottle of 303 Fabric Cleaner. I used it to clean a vintage Pucci cloth bag that looks like silk to me. Took the dirt right off. I sprayed in on a squeezed out new sponge and wiped it down, had to go back a second time to the heavily soiled handles. He ordered online.
  8. ACtually the best thing for a tweed bag is Vectra. I have a white/gold tweed flap bag and the colors were a bit dirty when i got it so I cleaned them and they sprayed with Vectra and it looks perfect after many uses. you cna buy it on ebay...good for leather, silks, seude shoes, any delicate leather, will darken initially yhen when dry return the item to it's natural color. I ahve been using Vectra for over 15 years and it is the BEST!
  9. There's a group called the Tweed and Chains that's looks AMAZING. It's coming in later Fall, and is Tweed/PDV/M Ruthenium style no. a36559, and the Nordstrom Topanga Chanel Boutique is getting 2 diff styles in black or white. It has the classic turn-lock closure and all chain handle similar to the 2.55's, and has diamond stitching. When we get some more information, i'll be sure to let you guys know, but feel free to PM me if you have more specific questions
  10. I have a tweed messanger bag from a couple seasons ago in multicolor blues and pastels and sparkles. its hard to describe but very gorgeous. it came with some care instructions specific to the tweed. i think as long as u dont have it against anything scratchy it should be okay- and keep it stored in the dustbag when you arent using it. I never had to spray anything on it but then again ive been very careful with it cause its my prized possession.
  11. I'm a Chanel tweed fanatic. I own several tweed timeless classic medium 2.55 flaps.
    04 White tweed (very pretty used during summer still spanking new)
    05 Multi black tweed (NY edition)
    05 Black tweed (Paris Tokyo edition)
    06 Green tweed

    I use no treatments on my tweed bag. Very easy to handle so far.
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