Does Anyone Know "Hannah Montana" (Miley Cyrus)

  1. Ok guys....I know how cheesy this is...but let me say first...that I am asking because my 7 year old daughter idolizes her...and I would do anything for my daughter!! I have seen stranger things happen on I thought it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone may have a Hannah Montana hookup!!!! She is coming to Ft. Worth in concert Nov. 14th...and we will be going to see her for my daughters birthday....what I am hoping is that by some small chance...someone may know someone...with a direct line to Ms. Montana that can get us backstage passes!!!!
    A long shot....absolutely....but it never hurts to ask!!!!! If not....don't laugh at my ridiculous request.....!!!!!!!
  2. LOL, I used to know how to do the Achy Breaky Heart. Good luck!!!
  3. ^^^^Thanks!!!! In all the things I have imagined about parenting...this was never one of them!! But when my little girl looked up at me with her big blue eyes...and asked me if I thought she would ever be able to meet Hannah Montana....I figured that I would try anything possible!!!!
  4. Try calling local radio stations... they may have some sort of contest or if you tell them a great story they may help out!
  5. My daughter loves her too......her room is decorated with Hannah pictures.....She has tons of Hannah clothing. My sister promised to take her and my son to a Hannah concert and we are waiting for the tickets to go on sale in Sept......It's funny because my sister is going with my sister in law and my two kids......they both don't have kids...... My sister wants this to be her special time and my daughter will love every minute of it. My daughter wants to meet Hannah too and she wants first row seats (right????) because she thinks Hannah will shake you hand like she does on TV.
    Good luck, who knows maybe someone out here can help.
  6. ^^^^That's never know!!! Well, if someone can help...maybe they can hook your daughter up also!!!
    Megs....I will definetely be doing the radio station contests!!!!
    Just called my BFF who is loosely related to another very famous country singer...and she said that she will try to work that connection to see if she can help out!!!
  7. LOL!!! Please tells us if you do! Perhaps you can wear your silk RL pants to the concert too! LOL! =)
  8. Oh I know - the things we do for our children!
  9. Hmmm...I thought I would go to LibbyLu and get a Hannah Montana makeover before the concert....NO???!!!!!
  10. I just googled libbylu! OMG! LOL!!! Way chicer than the RL pants!
  11. Awww...Miley (Hannah) is such a cutie. Good luck Anne - you're such a wonderful mom to try this!!
  12. One of my best friends just met her the other day at downtown disney here in Anaheim where we live! Too bad you don't live here it would have been perfect!


  13. ^^^^ I am getting closer by the minute!!!! I am hoping to narrow these degrees of separation!! First Jenarae's friend meets it will be my daughter!!!!
  14. I had to google Hannah Montana so I could figure out which one she was in the picture! lol sorry I cant help you out, but just the fact you are trying shows you are a great mom!
  15. She's the reason I'm taking my daughter to the Teen Choice Awards! We are going to hang out at the red carpet before we go in so hopefully she can meet her. I agree, radio stations have meet and greet contests so that is probably your best bet.