Does anyone know for sure?

  1. If the new Cles is LE, seasonal, permanent.. etc ???
  2. I was told today that it is LE
  3. I believe Label Addict mentioned that they are LE, part of the Valentines Collection and come in Pomme, Amarante and Violette.
  4. Ok Thanks ladies. I guess I will have to snatch that up first instead of mono!
  5. The SA I spoke to said that is was going to be around for a while.
  6. ^ i hope that is true. i really want one of the new cles now. i'm actually considering selling a regular cles I have to get this new one. Looks a lot more functional
  7. The SA here said it was LE:yes:
  8. judging from tpf reactions i'd say it's not going to around long if you love it get now so you don't regret it when it's gone.

    Last years flat purse was around awhile but this seems much more popular
  9. If you're in NYC, try the 5th Ave location. I was here today and asked for a keyholder, while looking in the cabinet, the SA found the new cles and was shocked She pulled it out and all the other SAs were in awe. No one knew they were even there, they said they would put one on display tomorrow. So you can get one there for sure. I was told by another SA in Soho that it is limited
  10. If any store doesn't have it call the 866# and ask them to find out which store has the new "Pochette Cles" in stock. They will connect you to that boutique to either put it on hold or ship it to you. The LV in Saks in NYC had at least one Pomme and one Amarante in stock when I left.
  11. They are LE and according to my SA they are a one shipment item. When they are gone....
  12. Oh ok.. I think I'll pass on these.. Thanks for the info everyone...
  13. damn. SA in atlantic city told me they'd have 'em.