does anyone know chanel classic wit removeable rain cover

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  1. Does anyone knows this bag's price in europe ?
    does it has size 14 inches ?

    it likes classic but it has removable rain cover
    does anyone know its name ?

    what color will be available in shop ?


  2. It's called the Coco rain. I saw one in NM not too long ago. It was in a beautiful lambskin light grey with a green rain cover. Gorgeous little bag!
  3. that is such a cute idea, the raincoat. i definitely want one!!
  4. I don't understand the logic behind the removeable rain cover? Apparently it does not cover the front flap or the straps and what good is that? :shrugs:
  5. ^ actually it does cover the front flap. But you're right, the chains won't be covered, and to be honest, I don't think the rain coat is really MEANT to be used. Instead, it's more of a conversation piece, a very pretty one, btw.
    I know I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again. The chains are thinner than your usual flap's and for some reason it is a lot more shinier so it reflects so pretty upon the delicate lambskin!
  6. Saks has the beige/black and the blue/burgundy coco rain bags. To me the rain cover gives people the opportunity to have two different looks in one bag.
  7. I bought this bag in Paris about 3 weeks ago and the price is 2,250 Euro (before the tax refund).
  8. is this the size of the m/l ?
  9. thk u guys for information :biggrin:
  10. is it 14inches ?