Does anyone know.....(Canadians need your help)

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  1. A buyer sent me a check and the bank is RBC Centura. She told me that I could simply take the check into the bank and cash it on the spot. Does anyone know if that is correct? Why would I not have to wait for the check to clear? I thought that it would take a few weeks or even a month before it clears...Help:confused1:
  2. Do not ship the item until the check clears, and that means two weeks to be on the safe side. Sometimes a bank takes a couple of weeks to even figure out they've been given a forged or fake check.
  3. The only people who can give you a definite answer is your bank. Go and speak to them :smile:
  4. Bottom line, dont flinch till it clears, no matter what the buyer says...they can say all they want but the money must be in your account b4 you ship!
  5. Thanks guys. I went to the bank and they said, since the credit (my credit) is so good, yes, they can give me cash on the spot. However, common sense (which I didn't use when making this thread), is if the check is bad, I am responsible.

    Bottom line, like you all said, I am waiting for it to clear. Funny how she put me through the ringer on my auction, but now she wants the bag, and yet thinks I should ship it ASAP without her check clearing. Wish buyers sometimes viewed this as a two way street.
  6. I have been stung before. The bank told me they would clear it on the spot, I even questioned that several times. Guess what, when it really cleared through the other bank, it bounced! The bank had not "cleared" it, just gave me the cash. Then they took it back, and charged me for the NSF fee. Wait for 10 business days to make sure it has gone through, international can sometimes take longer.