Does anyone know sell authentic bags?

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  1. :crybaby: !!??? thanQ
  2. I haven't ordered from them, but I've read several times on here that their bags are authentic.
  3. There are several posts about various experiences with Bluefly. Do a search on them and you will get a lot of useful info. They had a few problems, so people are divided on how they feel. I have not ordered from them, so I cannot say for sure!
  4. I have ordered a Jimmy Choo bag from them that was authentic but I have heard stories and seen posts on here of people getting fake Chloe paddington bags from Bluefly. I guess it's buyer beware. Ya never know
  5. I have bought clothing on bluefly but never handbags. The clothing seemed to be authentic.
  6. I have ordered a few items from them, but I don't trust them when it comes to buying Balenciaga and Chloe bags. Some of the members here have received fake ones from them in the past. Other than that, majority of their designer goods are authentic. I guess it just depends on how reputable their "suppliers" are.
  7. I just today opened my first purchase from BlyFly, which is a Bottega Veneta bag. It's absolutelty authentic, down to the leather, papers, tags, compact mirror and dustbag!
  8. There has been some 'fake' reports......
  9. Marly, which BV did you get?
  10. about six months ago there were problems with some of the bags they were selling. personally even if it was one bad shipment i have lost alll faith in the seller. so i wouldn't shop there, but for the 97% of the time their stuff seems to be the real deal
  11. A BV woven medium hobo in a walnut (noche, I think) color:yes:
  12. There's been a lot of different experiences with Bluefly. Best is to do a search here on Bluefly. Personally I received an auth bag and an auth pair of shoes from them once. But a couple months ago I received a fake Chloe paddington from them. I sent it back and complained and they just relisted it on their site and sold it again.
  13. That's the size hobo I want. And the color will go with nearly everything. Congrats on getting that beautiful bag!:yahoo:
  14. WOW:wtf:
  15. Yes, they sell fakes, I know some one who works for Bottega Venita. She said Bluefly is ripping off people, just go to the real Bottega Venita store. I also bought some fake Frette sheets from Bluefly..
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