does anyone know at the coach outlets

  1. .. do they have any specials going on for the thanksgiving holidays ..

    most people are not working thurs and friday (Yay!) and was wondering
    if its worth a trip.... anyone has gone in the past thanksgiving holidays to the
    coach outlets ?? any special sales ??

    thanks !
  2. we won't know until the week of thanksgiving.
  3. thanks for the speedy reply,
    i was just wondering from past years ... what the sales if any were like !!

  4. the past two years, my store has ran an additional 10% off your purchase. i was not there last year, so i don't know if it was only during early bird hours or all day. no guarantee on the sale this year, but it's always proved VERY popular...last year, there was a three hour wait just to get into the store! we opened at midnight on black friday and people started lining up in front of our store at 8 PM the night before. :smile:
  5. omg - that is unbelieveable - i was thinking of going this year too - damn....