Does anyone know ANYTHING about this jacket?

  1. I'm pretty sure that's Nanette Lepore...maybe try eBay?
  2. Thanks, I'll see if that name will help me find one.
  3. Good Luck, I am a Nanette Lepore addict myself!!
  4. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it anywhere so far :crybaby:
  5. Maybe its an older style from a few yrs ago? I don't remember when that movie came out but wasn't it last year or something??

    Perhaps you can find something thats similar or if you go to an outlet they will have it?? :sad: Goodluck! Its really cute !
  6. It is Nanette Lepore. I have this coat in yellow. This style came 3 years ago.
  7. Yeah the movie came out a few years ago, I've also been thinking they probably stopped making that coat. I don't mind getting a used one, but I can't even find that :crybaby:
  8. Yeah i was going to say, it looks like a still from 13 going on 30, which does make it kind of older. Good luck! I hope you can track one down!