Does anyone know anything about this gorgeous bag?

  1. As I flipped through the last pages of this month's Vogue, I spotted this gorgeous Chanel clutch that I know I must have. I can't really stand dealing with SA's over the phone, just because it's so easy to get mixed up between what I am talking about and what they may be talking about. So if anyone knows where I could get one and/or the price on this, please let me know! Thanks girls!
  2. Definately easy to find one. I think 1500-1700.00 not sure.
    I will get you the price tomorrow. Or if anyone who remember plz help.
    Also have matching shoe for 995.00
    This bag come in Black or gold.
    Here is your better picture.
  3. Thanks! Do you have the bag, or did you just find the picture?

    For $1500, I mineswell just get a bigger bag that I would use more often because it would probably end up sitting in my closet.
  4. it's gorgeous! i can see this lasting a long time.. and it can be an investment.. like a daimond ring teehee!
  5. Actually, This bag is 1925.00 and have a chain inside that you can wear over the shoulder.
    I'm truly will not spend the money on it for 1925.00 I rather get
    maybe a classic or any others pretty bag from Chanel.