Does anyone know anything about the python embossed leather?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I am considering purchasing the Kooba Paige in antique rose with the python embossed leather, does anyone have this type, do you know anything about it? Does the antique rose color rub off?? any info you can give me I would greatly appreciate it . I love this bag! it is so mod!! :supacool:

    Thanx ladies!!!
  2. I was never a fan of the embossed but maybe because I couldn't get a good fix on the leather from pictures. I'd like to see a real life pic. The only ones I've seen on eBay in the past tended to look washed out. I know I like the Rose much better than The Ebano color tho.
  3. I have seen the Rose python in real life and it is rather washed out....maybe subdued is a better term.

    The color is not rich but rather dull and dusty. There is abit of a sheen to the leather and it is soft and thinner than most Koobas.
  4. Thanx ladies, that helps!