Does anyone know anything about Lucien Piccard watches?

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  1. There's a Lucien Piccard watch that I love on sale (normally about $1,500) but I don't know much about this maker and was wondering what reputation LP has in terms of quality....any thoughts?
    LP watch.jpg
  2. I have several. They are fantastic timepieces! The company has been around for easily 50-100 years! I'd have to double check, but I have around 4 or 5. My favorite is a diamond face ( 3/4 carat diamonds), leather strap, deployant clasp.

    I can't recall exactly what happened, but I know ownership changed hands several years ago, though the watches are still awesome. Most are Swiss made, some of the less expensive are Swiss parts assembled usually in Japan or China, I believe.

    How much is the one you are looking at? Is it a chronograph or the multi-function dial watch? Very nice!
  3. I was glad to find this thread - and your glowing recommendation Prada! Hubby is getting me a Lucien Piccard watch I love for our anniversary, but we had a hard time finding more info about the brand, reviews, etc. Thx Prada for the feedback.