Does anyone know anything about Lockheart bags

  1. Hi everyone I am new here and from reading everyones post I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack to see if I can find any good deals on purses. Well I saw a Lockheart bag that I liked marked down to $183 from $725. I have never heard of them before so any information on this brand would be greatly appreciated. I will also try to post pictures soon. TIA :tup:
  2. I just found out that they are still selling this for full price on and it is called Lockheart soft croc rebecca satchel. Would love anyones opinion about it since my girlfriend that was with me didn't like it. Should I keep it or return it?
  3. I have a basketweave Lockheart tote and I love it! The designers behind the label were former designers for Isabella Fiore, so the 2 brands have similar design characteristics. Unfortunately just like IF, they're also usually very heavy. I love how nearly every bag is convertible in some way and all the organization and hidden pockets!

    Post pics of your bag! Regardless of what your friend thinks, if YOU love it, then keep it!
  4. im SOOOO jealous you found it for only 183!!! ive been eyeing one on eBay, bc im sure not paying the Saks price for it. lucky you!!! :smile: were there more? haha
  5. Lockheart makes the most beautiful bags, and all of their new bags are really lightweight. I've noticed the difference in the stores lately. Thye have amazing details, but the bags are still and simple and stylish.
  6. I have one Lockheart and I love it, it's very roomy, not too heavy, and always get compliments on it. Some of the designs are a little girly for me, but overall I think the bags are well made and great quality.
  7. I too have a Lockheart bag (Mischa/Harness Racing in yellow) and adore it! It is great leather, the hardware is high quality and it is actually not heavy at all :smile: This particular style is not very "busy" which I am happy about. It is convertible with two handles and one long strap... LOVE THAT!!! I highly recommend Lockheart and that sounds like a great deal you got- congrats:woohoo:
  8. I love Lockheart too their leather is sooooo soft and their designs very unique and elegant, thats a great deal you found and if YOU like it and found it for THAT price I say what are you waiting for???:yahoo:
  9. Mockinglee you say almost all bags are convertible how so? I would love to see how else I can carry this bag since it do have alot of strap on it but can't figure out what they are for. I thought it was only for decorations.

    Opinkflamingo sorry but I think that was the only one they had but if I see another I will let you know.

    Thanks all for the positive words I think I will keep it after all and I guess for under $200 I can't go wrong. I will post pics ASAP.
  10. ^Oh, I just meant that most bags come with 2 straps so you can use the shorter handles or longer strap, sometimes crossbody. I consider that "convertible". A few of styles even have little detachable minipurses attached to them.
  11. Lockheart is very clever. They have a lot of convertible straps as well as detatchable pockets that can be put onto your belt when you want to wear them separately, and they all have extra little compartments as well. They also had a bag that had a pocket that came off and attached to a long strap so that you could wear it as a small "sling" bag for going out at night.
  12. I love their bags-I own one and it has terrific organization w/pockets etc. They are made by the previous designers for Isabella Fiore...hence the similar styles. Great bargain-you are a lucky girl!
  13. I paid for one on sale at Nordstroms for $450 - the Lockheart Pipeline Shiloh tote in grey. And while beautiful, after only 3 weeks of (not) daily use, it was starting to show serious wear on the shoulder strap, and on the bottom. So for that amount of money, I expected more. I hated to return it, because it was so beautiful. But I want something that lasts, if I'm going to pay that much.
  14. Mom2CM3 sorry to hear about your bag but I hope that won't happen to me since I will be using it as my everyday bag for winter. Also were you really able to return it? I know that most stores don't take used products back.
  15. Actually, Nordstrom was very good about it - Their customer service is unbelievable.