does anyone know anything about croc mahalas?

  1. Bonjour all,

    I am thinking of getting one - but the only ones that i've seen are the blue crocs (in the store) and the Green croco in this sub-forum.

    Does it come in other colors? Like white or Cognac or even black?
  2. i love the blue croc mahala!!!! STUNNING!!!

    sorry dont know if it comes in other colors... I always thought u can order it or something?? I might be wrong so dont listen to me
  3. Sorry, I have only seen photos of the Croc Riki & Ramona in Red & Brown. The green one was on the 50% off sale during the Summer, but it was still around 4K:push:
  4. There was a blue croc Mahala on the Choo website.:drool::drool::drool: It is still up there at $8200.00 US. Anyone wanna buy it for me? HA! :roflmfao:

    It is beautiful, but even at half off, it would still be too much for me. But, oh my :girlsigh:
  5. is the blue croc half off? I thought it was on 30
  6. It is full price on the Choo website. I am in the US, and have not checked here.
  7. Hello ladies

    Thank you for all your input. Since I dont live next to any JC stores. Do any one of you have a pic of te blue croc mahala?

    I have seen it on the website, but want to see a photo of it. Do you think its possible to ask a store to send me a photo or no?

    I am scared to ask lol
  8. I think they will e-mail you some pics if they think you are interested in buying one. Too rich for my blood!!!
  9. There's a purple croc Riki for 50% off at the NYC JC store! "Only" $6200!! It's gorgeous though!
  10. I know what u mean. I get put off easily by rude SA's. I once went to the JC store here ready to buy a riki but got a really rude SA - it put me off soo much that i didnt buy my riki... i went to Chanel down the street and bought myself a bag.
  11. Mimi: it serves them right! I understand there are loads of flakes out there shopping, but what if that flake happens to be loaded and ready to part with her money. That's a sale the snotty SA lost .... Snotty attitude is a real pet peeve of mine. :cursing:
  12. I have just absolutely never understood that whole thing of the aloof, "I'm so much better than you" attitude of some SA's. :shrugs:

    It's like they're deliberately trying to put you off. They're the equivalent of those guys that decide who gets into a club or not! :sweatdrop: If you can withstand their judgemental're in....and lucky you, you get to spend your money! :lol:

    "Go Pats!"
  13. FrancisD please call Casey @ 312-255-1170. Tell her you would like some photos of the Croc Mahala emailed to you and be sure to tell her you're a Pf'r. She is a doll and will hunt one down for you (if she does not have any in her store) and get you photos of the actual bag. If there are special angles you would like to see, be sure to mention it. Do not worry, she is more than happy to send photos to any Choo lovers:flowers: