Does anyone know anything about Corto Moltedo bags? And what do you think of these?

  1. I have one in a beatiful color that I think they called prunelle - kind of purplish - love the bag - its pretty similar to the second one that you posted - only problem is that's its really difficult to get in and out of if especially if you close it correctly as shown in the picture you posted - and its difficult to get it to lay flat like that - a lot of fiddling involved - otherwise I love it!!
  2. Hadn't heard of these, very cool! I'd want to see them IRL, like wendyg said they look kind of tricky to use.
  3. Does anyone like & own Corto's Priscilla bag? They were given a hard time all over the Internet, priscilla was called the ugliest bag of 2006...
    I don't find it particularly ugly ... Am I the only one? :confused1: :graucho:
  4. it's

    and interesting. I dont know if too many people can pull that one off though.
  5. Allodola -
    If the Priscilla is the bag that Dirtyoldbaglady posted....than you are NOT alone. I dig the style cuz it's so different. Like it in all leather and have never seen the bag IRL. I can only imagine that it can be difficult to get in/out of......
    The bags are pretty pricey....but am assuming that the leather is TDF.
    You know, there is a bag company in Milan (Italy) called Leflesh that makes a bag similar in style, but not nearly as expensive, if you do a search, you can find their website
    Have fun :p
  6. DirtyOldBagLady,

    u're right that's the one! but i was thinking more about
    that one is probably easier to pull off :smile:)


    that's the one... Leather is exceptional,you're right. I still don't get why everyone hates it so much :smile:. I was thinking about getting one, but after reading all the bad reviews I'm not so sure any longer...
    (found it on sale,:tup:)
  7. Corto's bags are easier to come by in Japan and Europe than in N. America.