does anyone know any sale in NM after x'mas?

  1. does anyone know any sale in NM after x'mas?
    thank you

    merry x'mas:heart:
  2. my SA told me they're doing an extra 25% off sale items beginning the 26th.
  3. Doesn't compare to Saks!!
  4. I got a postcard in the mail this week that said 25-30% off sale prices but it didn't specify which depts would be 25% and which would be 30%. And Bec229 you are right, it doesn't even compare to Saks' 50% off!
  5. it is not bad if there is 25-30% off last call though
  6. Does Last Call have makeup? I hope that's not a stupid question to ask, but I wanted to get my mom some nice skincare items for her birthday. :smile:

    Thanks in advance, ladies!
  7. Only the megarich shop at Neiman's....if you can pull off a presale 1 week in advance before the last call sale there is NOTHING left unless you wear big sizes.
  8. And when I mean like nothing..I mean like 85-90% of the stock has been depleted by that point.
  9. online--- no
    in store -- don't know since we don't have one here:hysteric:
  10. i went to buy a pair of chanel boots and they said they would hold them for me until the 26th when they go on sale - i think like 25% off. too bad they are already cheaper at chanel and at Saks. i dont know if this applies to all of NM but i get the feeling their sale might