Does anyone know any good shoe cobblers in Washington DC????

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  1. Please help!! I have a pair of black suede stiletto pumps that I wore to a party and got the heel stuck in an AIR VENT ON THE FLOOR!! I ended up tearing the suede covering the hell when I had to pull the shoe out :sad: I was sooo devastated. Does anyone know any good shoe cobblers in the DC area where I can take my shoe so they can glue the suede back together?!
  2. I go to Old Town Shoe and Luggage Repair in Old Town Alexandria VA--Ferragamo boutique sends their shoes there for repairs...

    And Corrective Shoe Repair in Dupont Circle is pretty good too--I used to go there when I was living in the city =)
  3. I swear by Wilfred at Best Foot Forward. I've been going to him for about five years. It's at Pentagon Row next to Cost Plus World Market.
  4. Know that I have been getting increasingly more expensive shoes I need to find someone reliable also versus a shop that doesn't even know what Manolo or Louboutin is! I went to one shop where the guy stuck a safety pin through the back of my shoes to attach a ID tag!!!!!!! I was mortified. I'd love to hear of more shops in the area.
  5. ^^ if you gals want, give the ones I mentioned a try...i know a lot of people go to the old town alexandria one, hes gotten good reviews and theyre super friendly and willing to explain things to you and what theyre going to do, etc.

    my bf and i bring our ferragamos, guccis, lanvins, everything there...
  6. Simon's Shoes in McLean. My dad gets his dress shoes resoled ALL the time there.
  7. Ugh, I had a terrible experience there, its the place on P street right?

    :tdown: I tested them out with two pairs of shoes for zipsoles and they got the black material on the shoe itself - a huge spot! So my gold quilted flats had a large black spot, so sloppy. The owner was a complete jerk to me and wouldn't refund my money, they only did a sloppy repair job. Thank god I didn't take Manolos or anything $$ there. I had to do a charge back on my credit card, not because of the cost but because he was such a jerk. Don't take anything nice there.