Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. They had the gradient one. Not jersey.
  2. Few more things I saw...

    - Neon flap in black/white combo, $1995 size

    - Reissue wallets in metallic navy and gold

    - Black and white pearl necklace

    - Zip around PST in black with gold hardware

    - NS tote version of 08P lambskin bags with contrast stitching around the edges, white

    * Black thongs with white camellia are still there in shoes department but my SA told me they only have few pairs in 36 left. So if you are blessed with small feet, grab them while you can.
  3. Nanami, how about shoes from the cruise line? Did you happen to take some mental notes? :P
  4. ^ Ah, they had complete line of those white and blue striped shoes except the flat slides. They had Larkie's cork wedge slides and various ballerina flats, etc. They also had gold strappy shoes... What else... Hmmm...

    Oh! They had those thongs with toe ring kind of effect. You know the one with gold CC over the big toe and nothing else to hold the shoes to your feet except for one thin strap over the shoe? They had that in red and black.
  5. I'd like to note that they also had those new patent leather bags with sparkles in white and black too!
  6. What did the black and white pearl necklace look like? How much was it?
  7. ^ I think someone here already has one, am I wrong? Or did I see something like that in eBay? Black pearls were placed btween few white ones and it was longer than the classic pearl necklace.

    I didn't check the price but I assume it's gotta be more than $1000. I think the classic pearl necklace was over $800 now.
  8. thanks so much for sharing...
  9. Thanks a lot, Nanami.
  10. Wow, your memory is so good. When I'm in Chanel, I can only remember those items that I'm interested in... The rest just fly past me... :P
  11. thanks for posting this~