Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. The m/l beige flap came today! :wlae:Joseph included a nice note, & he had a sample of Chanel #5 attached to the chain with a white bow! It was a nice touch. :yes:
  2. ohhhh can't wait to hear your report!! i'm looking for the medium flap bag that is part of the neon collection!! i was told by the lady with the accent that they don't have those in yet but i don't trust her. she sounds rude and kind of rushed like she can't wait to get me off the phone! :s
  3. I left Joseph a message since noon and no call back yet. :sad:
  4. ^^he's prolly super busy as the promo is starting already.
  5. Good morning, ladies! It's past 6 am and I'm still up from last night.:sweatdrop: I had some emails to write, works to do and with tPF between, time just flew!

    - Timeless clutches in satin, caviar, lambskin, patent leather, all black

    - GSTs in black and white

    - PSTs in salmon and white

    - Medallion totes in black and white (I think silver hw)

    - There are still some classics left, from mini to jumbo, in black and beige

    - Melrose Cabas in white jersey

    - Melrose flap

    - Glazed lambskin e/w in navy, yellow & cream

    - Dayglows (I learned the names for these patent bags!) in beige and black

    - Satin bow bag, black, largest size

    - Micro sized flap bag in satin with camellia flower on the chain, black (resembles chocolate bar blocks in shape and they had this past seasons in other materials)

    - Reddish purple alligator flap, something like $22,000. (Hey, is there a max limit on the GC?)

    - Gold Le Marais flap, small size, $1550

    NOW, the items that caught my eyes the most and were new from the last time I was there...

    There were interesting metallic flaps. The bags I've seen and didn't like in red and navy patent leather looked pretty darn good in metallic leather! You know the long stretched out looking clutch? That one and double compartment reissues were there in metallic black and navy.
  6. timeless clutch in patent?
    gold les marais flap?


    But I must not I must not I must not...
    I am on a temp ban.

    BTW, how did you manage to remember so much Nanami? You're amazing and thanks for the report. Very useful...!
  7. Nanami, do you happen to know if BG carries metallic white reissue in sz 227 and if Joseph will be there today?

    lol, I too still up since last night! :sleepy:
  8. until when is the bergdorf promotion?
  9. melrose flap? what colors were available? thank you darling
  10. April 12
  11. Does anyone know when they're having this promotion again??? I missed it :cursing:

  12. Sorry that you missed it! I think it's totally a competition thing between dept. stores so who knows, maybe in two weeks or in next month? :smile:
  13. Thanks for the update.
  14. I keep picking up that Le Marais whenever I'm there but leave without it. It must have my prints all over.:sweatdrop:
  15. Sorry to answer too late. But I'm pretty sure they are done with reissues, epsecially harder to find color like white.