Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. I have been trying to call Galima for almost one hour and noone ever answer the phone. I thought they are closed already.
  2. wow! What a superb memory! Thank you soooo much for all the valuable information.

  3. I called BG earlier today and was lucky to have Joseph pick up the phone (without me having to request for him). He told me that he would check their stock and call me back. He did call but I was unable to pick up the phone but he left a message that they just had that floor model left but he can order one for me. So I called him back after a bit but ended up leaving a message on his vm. Then - - he called me after a few to let me know he already got one for me - - but I wasnt able to pick up the phone because I was at Saks getting stuff from Delyse (not the e/w I wanted from Joseph but other goodies). So tomorrow morning, I just have to call him and give my details since he told me he already fixed everything for me and is ready to ship! - - (his message in his last vm this evening).

    Sorry for the long post... but yes, I have to agree with everyone here that Joseph is awesome! It's my first time dealing with him and I'm glad that I have. Also, Delyse from Saks is awesome and the sweetest SA ever!!!:love:

    Now I can't wait to get all my new goodies!!!!!:heart:
  4. ^^Yay! I am glad he was able to find one, I always thought BG would just order thru the same distribution center as NM (same company anyways), awesome!
  5. HI, a stupid question, do they take visa or master card? I don't have NM card or American Express. Thanks.
  6. You might want to give BG a call. I know that NM accepts visa/mc for giftcard purchases, then they use that giftcard to pay for the merchandise.
  7. yes, they do take mastercard and visa.
  8. Help!! I've called BG THREE times this morning and each time I called I'm told Joseph has stepped away. Does he work IN the Chanel department or he just works in the handbag department?
  9. Joseph works in the Chanel boutique.
  10. tiramisu, maybe you should leave a message so he can call you back? His number is posted somewhere in this thread.

    I imagine the ladies at BG must be so jealous of Joseph. Lol~ He's so popular at tPF and everyone here is calling for him.
  11. Congrats, Kathy! I'm so happy you were able to benefit from this promo. And you are a lucky gal, since I didn't see too many gold hardwares left.
  12. Thanks, this lady with a heavy accent keeps picking up the phone and telling me he's stepped away. I think she's quite annoyed with me right now ha ha ha :sad:
  13. Thanks for the direct number! I just left him a message, hopefully he'll call me back soon!! :tup:
  14. tiramisu95 read your pm.
  15. Puhahahahah! I know who you talked to!! Heehee... To tell ya the truth, I really do not like her at all.:rolleyes: But I do feel a teeny bit bad for her because they are super busy these days and when I saw her last time, she could not get a minute away from the phone.

    I'm heading out to BG right now~ Would report back what are left (if any) when I get back in few hours.:P