Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. what nm in cali are you shopping at love? can i have the number? thanks!
  2. Hey I just got off the phone with my SA and she told me about these left:

    a white with silver hardware GST
    salmon east west
    black classic flap not sure about size
  3. i'm looking for a jersey flap or hidden label signature at nm in cali for the no sales tax!

  4. i've been thinking about the east west but is it salmon? or rose? i also worry about how durable glazed lambskin is:sad:
  5. nevermind, new york bg doesn't have the melrose jumbo.
  6. As of yesterday, they had ROSE one. I don't know if it's gone already but at least the one I saw was in good mint condition. You better call and ask. I still didn't use mine yet but at least it doesn't *look* like it needs that much care.
  7. I forgot to mention (and it might be gone by now) but they also had a black medallion tote and those loose satin clutch in blue as well!

    And something I always drool over whenever I'm at BG... This pinkish purple flat python pochette Chanel site featured for the cruise collection! Only if I had extra $3000 lying around, Lol~
  8. Can you PM with an SA recommendation? Im just really worried about color transfer from jeans and all:shrugs:
  9. Just wanted to let you know there was also this as well...


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  10. I just got off the phone with Joseph about the Rose EW flap. They only have the sample/floor model which he said wasnt in the greatest shape. Oh well:sad:... I guess Ill just wait for the next shipment.

    Thanks again NanamiRyu!!!!:flowers:
  11. ^^Does the stock have to come from the store inventory? Can't they can order the bags for you from the same distribution center as Neimans?
  12. Thanks for the info NamaniRyu! :heart: I have been searching for a beige Jumbo Classic Flap for quite a while. However, after thinking about it, I decided since I have several jumbos, that I really wanted (needed :roflmfao:) a medium. So I just ordered the Med. Beige flap with gold hardware from Joseph! He is great & funny. :woohoo:He is sending it next day, so I'll post pics soon. He also has the medium in silver. :graucho:
  13. That is sweet of you NanamiRyu! :heart: I did actually call again today. There was a lady who picked up the phone and no matter what I asked, she did not even check the stock for me and answered straight forward with a "NO"! :wtf: I doubted that BG did not receive Rodeo Drive in black?!

    Is it just me that encountered all the rude SAs in BG?? Some pfers mentioned Joseph, does anyone has his contact or email addy so I can spend my $$$ with a peaceful mind! LOL

  14. Joseph is definitely nice. :heart: His # is (212) 872-2858.
  15. Omigosh, I just spoke to Joseph and he is absolutely the BEST!

    I call the main number and tell the operator that I want to talk to Joseph and they always find him. ;)