Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. thanks for posting!
  2. AND no sales tax.:yahoo:
  3. Thank you for posting. You have a very good memory. :idea:
  4. COOOOL....even better. :yahoo:
  5. Thx... see any costom jewelery?
  6. Yup, yup! For all you lucky gals outside NY, it would be tax free. It's only us poor NYers who can never get any tax break. I mean NM and Nordie are so far away from my home, (and NY Nordie don't carry any Chanel) yet they are in the state, so they still charge over 8% tax! :crybaby:
  7. Puhahah! I sort of cheated by writing down some things while I was waiting for my shoes guy to bring a pair I was interested in. Chanel of BG is located connected to their shoes department.:sweatdrop:
  8. The only jewerlies I remember seeing are...

    Timeless pearl necklace with silver hardware and what I think is either longer pearls or belt/necklace. And there was also this button like brooch which was pink and had gold trim around it.

    BUT I wonder if jewerlies are included anyway? The promo is supposed to be only for shoes, bags, and ready to wear.
  9. Thanks for posting! Now I have to call them first thing tom and place my order!:smile:
  10. Thanks Nanami, I love shopping at BG just for the no tax and I can use my NM card, hehe! Now if I can decide if I want a small classic flap or an east west??
  11. Do BG carries Rodeo Drive collection in black? I tried to call BG today but all I got was busy line and forever wait!

    Just curious that if there is any BG other than NY location?
  12. Thanks for posting!
  13. They really were busy yesterday! The SA I've seen for many years could not get a break from the phone. And they had lots of boxes outside, to be shipped, I assumed.

    Although I'm not sure they had black, I think there were some Rodeo Drive bags... Those are perforated ones, right? I'll be there again in an about an hour, (shopping with sis) so I'll see what they have left in case you didn't call yet.
  14. I'll do a short list of some shoes I saw as well...

    - Camellia thongs in all colors, including the much coveted black with white flower and something new I saw, blue jellies!

    - Camellia wedge heel slides in white

    - Jersey boots with peep toes from cruise, in gray and black (black was a bit metallic)

    - Sandals with large metal CCs... In white and red combo

    - Ballerines with elastic around in fabric, all in softer hues (even red looked toned down)

    - Wedge heel slides with whipstitched CCs in various colors (black, coral and two other colors I don't remember)

    - ONE LAST pair of black on black Cambon flats in size 9 and half
  15. thank you for the update