Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. As of Monday, they have..........
    --GST in black w/gold hw, Beige w/silver hw
    --Camellia wallet in black
    --Cream glazed lambskin jumbo
    --PST in black (don't know hardware)
    --Med/large classic flap in black
    --Pouchette glazed lambskin in navy (maybe sold out by now)
  2. What's the promo they have going on?
  3. Any stock updates? Everything's probably gone...
  4. I just bought the gold reissue! and surprisingly the SA who answered my phone is really nice and friendly!!:yahoo:
    I forget to ask for her name tho...

    oh and she said they just have the silver and gold reissue in 226 size
  5. Here's a list of items I saw today at BG...

    - Camellia embossed wallets with NEW camellia snaps, two sizes, (one checkbook length and other a bit shorter) both in black only

    - Gold 2.55, in 226 size

    - Glazed lambskin east wests in navy, rose pink, cream

    - Melrose cabas in white jersey

    - Melrose (gradient vinyl) flaps, in med/large size and east west size

    - Satin east west flap in goldish tone

    - Patent leather double compartment 2.55, in black

    - Patent leather flaps in beige and black (They were not classic flaps. I don't know what they are called... They had different style of chain attachment. They were about jumbo sizes though)

    - Silver flap in shape and size simlar to 224, but material is very different, almost like bubble wrap

    - Black patent leather (embossed with symbols) wristlet

    - Ice cubes in two sizes, a flap and I *think* a wristlet

    - Graphic Edge bags in black

    - Cerf tote in black and white

    - PST in salmon and white

    - Zip around PST in black

    - Timeless clutches in satin, patent leather, caviar and lambskin, all black

    - Classic flaps in various sizes, from mini to jumbos, in caviar, lambskins, in beige and black (Most in silver hardware but few left in gold too)

    - Timeless bowler bags in white and black, in two sizes (I *think* caviar)

    - Some peforated bags I can't remember much except for two Drills. One was a north south tote and the other one was a mid size flap

    - Confetti flaps from the cruise, in navy

    - Modern chain totes in white and black

    I hope this would help out some of you ladies excited about BG's EGC promotion. Happy shopping!:flowers:
  6. You are very kind thank you for the update.
  7. thank you!
  8. That was very informative, thank you for taking the time to post the info! Thank you :tup:
  9. Thanks so much for the update. You're the best.
  10. Thanks so much for letting us know their inventory!!!
  11. Thank you for the update. Sales are all super is really helpful!!
  12. Thank's for the information!
  13. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, no BG here in California. :sad: Wait, isn't BG related to NM? If so, I can use my NM card, no?
  14. Sophie, yes you can use your NM card. I've confirmed it with BG SA. Go shopping and have funn
  15. Perfect! Thanks Irene!