Does anyone know any Bergdorf stock?

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  1. I might want something with this great promotion , has anyone been there lately? What do they have, Thanks!
  2. i wonder about this as well..I really need a reissue...please fill me in what color they have in stock...pleaseeee... :P
  3. this will now be my fourth call I am about to make, they are not very nice at all, but the deal is amazing, calling to see what they have, I will have to disguise my voice, cause they have already hung up on me 3 times, lol
  4. hauauahauahua, i knowwwww i hate bg too in calling they are super UN stilll looking for jumbo pink or yellow or jersey flap normal size, anybody seen it bg or saks? thx
  5. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao: u're so funny!!! i read ur other thread! and yea they're not fiendly as I can recall..may I know the phone number btw?
    Do you mind to post what they have in stock?thanks:smile:
  6. I was told that they had the Gold and Silver Reissue and Caviar Jumbo before the SA decided to end the call for me.

    They are indeed not friendly, but at least she offered to send me their lookbook...
    key word 'OFFERED' but have yet to receive anything ....
    again, this is her way to end the call with me..

  7. ^thanks whome!!!
  8. Hi. the number is 1800 558 1855. Im going to try and speak with Joseph, I give up on the women, I did have a nice sa at saks when I did a phone order, she helped me pick out a cosmetic case to get my 400 gc. she didnt rush me at all and she was also in nyc.
  9. I actually had a GREAT phone conversation with BG CHANEL SA...she was SUPER SWEET!
    She said the only new Jumbo they have is the cream colored one....they sold out of the other colors........they have a plain black WOC too
  10. what other bags did they have, your lucky ou got a nice one, I got 2 different older women who very extreemly rude lol
  11. ^I know...she was sooo sweet too..I had Hayden sleeping on me and i had to ask TAY to run and get me a pen to take down the SA's info...she just chatted with me on the phone while TAY took her time...LOL....
  12. may I ask for the name of this SA?
    b/c when i called I got the 'chanel' SA, so she says, she wasn't too freindly...
  13. I talk to Brittany there and shes nice. She emails too! Thats very important for me since I dont live in the states. Try giving her a call.

  14. May I have her email address as I don't live in the States either. Thanks!!!
  15. i called ytd and they had the accordion bag in black, and the double compartment reissue in black. dont know about the rest of the available bags as i was only only interested in the black reissue :smile: