does anyone know about this turtle bag?

  1. from the 50's cosmetic bag was limited in number has a key in exc. shape she is elderly and had purchased it at a high end shop for around 300 in the 50s i am selling it on eBay for her .. would love more info on the Polly Bergen turtle cosmetic bag if you have any knowledge. thanks funny thing she must love this alot as she asked for more start bid on this then on a large ruby ring and an aquamarine ring she had me list ha... it is a great looking bag but I am curious as never heard of one before.
    purse1.jpg purse3.jpg purse4.jpg purse5.jpg
  2. I don't know, but just had to comment on how beautiful it is!
  3. thanks am glad to know am not the only one intrigued, i wish i was able to purchase at this time just to own it, but got it listed on eBay we'll see if anyone looks at it. i can't find anything in searches online about this bag. she wants 380 but ? i really hope people on here look at the picts. not that they may want it but to see it. color is amazing esp for age isn't it? i hope i may just give in and buy it if no one bids,am trying to hold out