Does anyone know about the Louis Vuitton Noctambule?

  1. This is probably a really long shot but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a used/resale Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Noctambule?

    I finally got the guts to bid on ebay and i've been watching this bag, but I went to visit my parents for dinner this evening and the auction ended before I could place my bid. (I was waiting until the last minute to better my chances) I was so sick about it I wanted to spit. It ended for a reasonable price that I wouldve been willing to pay.

    If anyone know of a LV reseller or happen to have this bag yourself please let me know. It is a discontinued bag that I've admired for years. I feel like the bag has slipped right through my hands.

    Here's a pic below from the ebay auction that I missed out on.

  2. Ebay has a listing page for people looking for certain items. I think it's called I WANT IT NOW. Try that and cross reference any replys to find a reputable seller. Good luck!
  3. Good idea. I wonder if people have success with that?
  4. I just saw a new listing for this bag on ebay tonight....but the pictures are the EXACT same ones from the auction that I was talking about a few days ago!!!
    Do some of these ebay sellers think that we're STUPID!?

    I would have bid on this bag immediatley had I not realized that the seller was using someone elses pictures. SEE, it does pay to surf ebay just for the hell of it ;)
    I should send them a message saying that I know the pictures are copied.
  5. Thanks ! I'm just doing what I can to bring together the bags and ladies that love them ! :lol:
  6. How in the hell did you find that!
  7. Random luck really, I was looking at the website a few days ago and I remembered that they had this Louis Vuitton tote that was really uniquely shaped.. so, not really great searching skills so much as random luck ! :smile:
  8. Weird.... it was meant to be that you help her not get the fake one on E-bay! This forum is so helpfull for all of us! THX MEGS/VLAD!!!
  9. I could sit on this darn computer all day and still not find what I am looking for. Darn you are good!:biggrin:
  10. i really like this bag - it's so retro and not like other LV bags!
  11. goyard has a bag similar to this...the beluga... that i much prefer...


    $1680 at Barneys...
  12. eh, doesn't really have the same retro charm. i love the inverted shape of the LV