Does anyone know about the Dillards Trade in Event?

  1. I heard from one of my friends you can go to dillards with an handbag or more n they will give u $50 towards a purchase? Is this true, I heard it starts tommorow
  2. ok found some details

  3. oooo, interesting, that ad is for the atlanta stores too...
  4. I have a friend that works in Dillard (handbags), and evidently this is good at all Dillards (we're in FL), she did tell me Coach was not included. My local Dillards only has Dooney, Brahmn, Coach as higher end, however, I believe Orlando has more choices (esp. FL Mall).
  5. I just called my dillards and there doing it also I have a friend in florida and there alos particpating there