Does anyone know about Sandstone?

  1. Hi everyone. I just recently had a Day cafe sent to me. I really like it a lot and it has - gasp - the giant hardware, which I kind of don't mind in this size, and the gold is a really cool contrast with the brown. I will post pics as soon as I can. But what I am wondering about is that although I like the cafe - it is pretty dark and was wondering if any of you knew anything about the Sandstone color that is to be coming and what it might be like - or if I am really lucky if anyone has photos of it. Sometimes you are all way ahead of the actual boutique! :yes: Thanks for your help!:shame:
  2. If Cafe is too dark, I would think Truffle would be the one that is a little lighter ...

    Is Sandstone what they are calling Argyle?? I think that one is supposed to be like a Toffee/Butterscotch color isn't it?

    Oh, I am so helpful! :shame:
  3. Thanks - a toffee / butterscotch color would be perfect for me. I can't really tell from the swatches on my computer. I probably have something set wrong on my screen and kind of challenged when it comes to the settings etc. I did have a truffle and it seemed kind of flat to me..... The cafe is quite rich looking, but sooo dark. Thanks for keeping me in the loop - I don't get to stay on top of things as much as I'd wish here at the forum. I will keep watching to hear more about 'argyle' ! Love you guys!
  4. sandstone... either argyle or natural maybe? probably argyle.