does anyone know about .

  1. does anyone know about . it is sell authentic purse. please i need help for that website. any feedback would be appreciate
    thank you
  2. hi,i have bought a Diesel tshirt,and a pair of jeans from them and they are ok,fast shipping too...was a good purchase
  3. Nice first posts from new members, don'cha think???? Very inventive way of advertising.
  4. Compass Rose, you post these types of posts a lot . . . please don't be so confrontational.
    There's nothing that connects these 2 users.
    We'd appreciate it if you didn't judge every newbie publicly, just report it and leave it to us please:tender:

    Trust me, if they were or are the same person we'll find out about it:yes:
  5. :sad:Sorry....... I won't do it any more..... It just looks like advertising to me when there are two first time posters checking out a website that is obscure. Sorry, again.
  6. LOL! I know:yes: We all think it, we just need to not accuse publicly I think.
    But innocent until proven guilty :biggrin:
  7. i was just trying to help Ulchaco... i didn't say that they are wonderfull and you have to buy from them..just my opinion....:tdown: Compass rose:tdown:
  8. I would have to say no, since they sell Balenciaga and Coach bags..