Does anyone know about Fendi Denim Spy??

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  1. Does anyone know or have this bag?
    I want to know that the handle and the trim are leather or not?
    Or it just a laminated denim? Thanks so much.
  2. the trim is denim
  3. yes, it is laminated denim or Spalmati as Fendi refers to it...its a nice casual look spy bag:tup:
  4. I really like this denim spy! Wasnt so much a fan of the other denim spies, but I do like this one. I love the casual spin. Another Spy I hope to obtain at some point.
  5. It is not leather. However I have the denim baby spy with the zucca lining and I absolutely love it! it is the perfect summer bag - its look is nice and light and it fits everything - very chic. But I'm not sure how much I like the full size spy in denim.....if you can, try to buy the denim baby spy - somehow I think it works much much better in the denim than the regular size spy...
  6. Thank so much for all answers. I like this gorgeous bag so much. It's good to go with jeans. I will think it hard. Because it will cost me 1500$ for denim bag.:wtf: