Does anyone know about a new dark red/wine flap?

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  1. If I am not mistaken, I think the thread was discussing that previous "seasonal colored" flaps mey not be affected by the price increase. It is likely that the bag that they are referring to is the 09A Red flap. Compared to the 10C red, which is much bighter, some TPFers commented that the 09A red had some brown undertones which gives it a more wine color in some TPFers opinion. There have also been some burgundy toned bags in the past. I would encourage you to simply PM the OP, call the store to inquire. You can also look on other post to see previously posted red bags in some other threads where TPFers post the red purchases. They are many post that show the various shades of reds. HTH
  2. There is a wine color in the new collection I think........ Saks NY had what looked like a washed lambskin wine-colored jumbo and its new.... not 100% sure. I'll report after Monday's trunk show :biggrin:
  3. Report on more than that please :smile: thanks!
  4. Hi kai_415,
    I've replied to your message. I also wanted to tell you that if you still have the bag's price tag, it'll tell you the season and year that the color came from. HTH.

  5. Thanks all! I did write to the OP so we will see! :smile: I get the feeling that they may have been talking about 09 red... but from what I understand, that's sold out so not sure...
  6. i'm bacccckkkkk! its not structured at all, but it is a really great color! (taken on my iphone, not the greatest representation of the color!)


    As for the rest of the trunk show, as I expected people were crowding around the large nature flap.... big hit. I couldn't snap anymore photos, but there was a lot of tweed totes and a lot of lambskin flaps with different designs on them... hard to explain haha
  7. is this the easy cc?? price? hirshleifers has something that looks similar called that for $2650... yay nature flap! you got me re-excited again :smile: i want to hear about these lambskin flaps with difft designs on them--i remember something about that from wr's posts... a yay or nay??