Does anyone know a teak color in 06 fall/winter?

  1. My SA called me telling me that she got a teak part time bag. I asked her about whether it is camel,but she said she knew camel in her store and she compared teak to camel,it is much lighter. I am so confused cuz I never saw this color on the atelier site about 06 fall/winter swap.Any idea?:nuts:
  2. isn't teak a reddish brown? *confused*

    this season's caramel (also called butterscotch) is a pale-ish yellow ochre color.
  3. She said the tag says Brown teak,but it doesn't have any brown in it at all. And she has camel work which tag says camel. She put camel with teak side by side, camel is more tanish and orangish, whiel teak is much lighter. I am soo confused now. But part time is a new style this year, so teak color must be new..Hmm...
  4. maybe it's greige? it's a sort of pale brownish creamy color... or some of them are at least. I didnt know it came in the part-time though.

    caramel isn't orangish or brownish really, its kind of yellowy-brown, light tone though.

    just ask her to send you some pics.
  5. Could it be the new "natural" color??
  6. I sort of have a feeling it's greige...that's the only other color that would fit that description.
  7. i think she is referring to marron for fw2006 thats the latest one for the browns. In the pic aloha sent me its looks like light black
  8. Is your SA at Saks? I ask because I just did a search and found a quote from Bridget S. regarding her trip to Saks:

  9. check one of my threads which i have posted a snap of the camel/caramel box it is from the new collection ,maybe that it is
  10. here's my friend's City in Teak [​IMG]
  11. I bet TEAK is Camel and she is comparing it to a Truffle bag. That would explain why she says TEAK is much lighter.

    Yeah I saw the a/w 06 marron in person and it is super dark. I had to bring it directly into the overhead lights to see that it was dark brown and not black. It's a nice color though...
  12. yup, that bag is the same exact color as my bag, which is "camel". i bet that's another name for it.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think teak is the camel which is official name for it. It is strange thatNm and Saks use their own color code for the BBags. Ugh....

    I have asked her whether it is camel and she said she ahs camel in work and she put them side by side, and teak is lighter than camel...
  14. esiders how does the marron look is it black or dark brwon im planning to get the marron but i have no idea how it looks ? thanks esiders
  15. I have seen the marron part time in Neiman and I don't like it though. It is very dark dark brown,more brown than truffle. The other name for it is olive brown but I only see brown tone in it though.